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Kaiser Stroke Conference 2018. April 6&7

Posted 10 months ago by Dylan Lovett

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The Bay Area Chapter of AANN is happy to share the following information with you about the upcoming Inter-regional Stroke Conference being hosted by Kaiser:

Hello All,

Attached is a call for abstracts for our upcoming 2018 Kaiser Permanent Stroke Conference, an Interregional Stroke Program Collaborative.  

The conference will be in Monterey (Seaside), California on April 6 and 7, 2018.

Questions regarding submissions and submissions can be sent to:
Patricia Zrelak | patricia.a.zrelak@kp.org

Information about the conference can be found in the attached flyer as well as the website here.

Your time and consideration is appreciated. For those of you who are at ISC, hope to see you there.